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Why wear uniforms?

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Why wear uniforms?

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts is a uniformed organization for many good reasons. Wearing the official uniform instills a sense of pride and commitment in the boys. The uniform keeps things equal – everyone wears the same clothes regardless of race, creed, nationality, religion or economic standing. It is one of the most widely recognized uniforms in the world.

Virtually all organized activities for children require uniforms. A comparison between Cub Scouting and the most popular sports for boys in that age-group shows that Scouting families actually get quite a good deal for their money.

If you price out the cost of fees for soccer, including the uniform and shoes you’ll quickly spend as much or more as a Cub Scout will. Sports like baseball, football and basketball will cost significantly more when adding up the cost of the uniform, equipment and special shoes and fees, especially when you factor in Pay-to-Play fees. While sports programs will last only about three months – Cub Scouts is a year round event with activities available for every season!

We certainly understand the added costs of having everyone in the pack in uniform. However we feel the benefits far out way the costs. The boys will feel better and be more self-confident wearing the uniform. Cub Scouts will mean more to them wearing the uniform and they will show more respect and have better behavior than without one.

Pack 350 Uniform Policy

All Scouts should wear their complete Class-A uniform to all den meetings, pack meetings and all other pack functions unless otherwise indicated in the details for that function. This includes all public functions such as fundraisers, volleyball games, etc.

All Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniform to school on den meeting or pack meeting days. Be proud that you are a Cub Scout! Show your friends your patches and tell them how much fun you have in Cub Scouts. Maybe they’ll want to join the pack too!

Uniforms should be neat and clean.  The shirt should always be tucked in.  A Cub Scout should never seem "messy".  Remember you are representing a world-wide organizaton.

The pack will provide all required patches for the Class-A uniform.

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