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BB Gun Shooting Belt Loop

BB Gun Shooting
BB-gun shooting, like Archery, is a camp program. Boys can earn BB-gun recognition items only at council/district day camp, resident camp, or council-managed family camping programs

BB-Gun programs are not permitted at den and pack activities. However, leaders can help parents understand the importance of training and encourage attendance of boys at Cub Scout camps that offer this training.

Many Cub Scouts have BB guns or air rifles at home and will be exposed to some type of firearm while growing up. Parents should understand that safety is as necessary with BB guns and air rifles as it is in any other aspect of shooting. Training is essential in learning how to shoot well, and safe shooting habits developed early help provide the atmosphere for learning these skills.

Gun-shooting sports are not an approved part of the Cub Scout program, except at Cub Scout day or resident camp. At camp, boys might have an opportunity to take part in a BB-gun (rifle) safety and marksmanship program under the direction of a trained BB-gun range officer. These range officers must attend a three-hour training program conducted by a National Camping School-certified field sports director or National Rifle Association (NRA) instructor.

The BB-Gun Shooting belt loop and pin can only be awarded by a BSA range-trained shooting-sports director at a BSA approved range.

Earning the BB Shooting Belt Loop while a Wolf Cub Scout
also satisfies Elective 20n (toward Wolf Arrow Points).

Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

  1. Explain the rules for Safe BB gun shooting you have learned to your leader or adult partner.
  2. Demonstrate to your leader or adult partner good BB gun shooting techniques, including eye dominance, shooting shoulder, breathing, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, follow through.
  3. Practice shooting at your district or your council camp in the time allowed.

Sports Pin

Earn the BB Gun Shooting belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements by completing the camp BB gun safety program and qualifying with a minimum of 60 credits in firing activities with a parent or adult partner. A certified range officer must be present.:

  1. Explain the parts of a BB gun and demonstrate how to properly load the gun.
  2. Demonstrate the shooting positions.
  3. Develop proficient shooting techniques by practicing for three hours.
  4. Learn the correct scoring techniques for target BB gun shooting.
  5. Make a poster that emphasizes the proper range commands.
  6. Draw to scale or set up a BB gun shooting range.
  7. Show improvement in your shooting ability with an increase in scoring points.
  8. Help make a type of target for the camp BB gun shooting range.
  9. Show how to put away and properly store BB gun shooting equipment after use.
  10. Explain how to use the safety mechanism on a BB gun.
  11. Tell five facts about the history of BB guns.
Councils may provide extra opportunities for a boy and his adult partner to continue qualifying for a pin after the council camp experience is over. However, a certified range officer must be present for shooting credits to be valid.

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Certificate

Certificates may be awarded to the Cub Scout or Webelos Scout at any time he achieves a level of marksmanship. It is possible to earn five certificates if every level of marksmanship has been accomplished.

Before completing the Pro Marksman requirements below, the following criteria must be met:

  • Instruction: Complete a basic BB gun marksmanship safety course.
  • Shooting: Fire five groups of shots (three shots per group) that can be covered by a quarter, and then adjust the BB gun sights so that the group is centered on a bull's eye. (No specific score is required.) Then fire the Marksmanship levels shown below.

Score Requirements for BB Gun Recognition Certificate

Marksman Level Target Position Number of
Bull's eyes
Number of Shots
per Bull's eye
Minimum Score
required per Shot
Pro Marksman TQ-40 Benchrest 5 5 8
Marksman I TQ-40 Standing 10 5 20
Marksman II TQ-40 Prone 10 5 35
Marksman III TQ-40 Kneeling 10 5 25
Marksman IV TQ-40 Sitting 10 5 30

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