Cub Scout Advancement

The Cub Scout Program has two basic features, Rank Advancement, and the Academics and Sports Program.  There are also a number of Other Awards that can be earned, outside of Rank Badges and the Sports and Academic Programs.

Rank Advancement

The first badge all Cub Scouts earn, regardless of age, is the Bobcat Badge. After earning the Bobcat Badge, they proceed to work on advancement specific to their age level. As part of these requirements, they must learn the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout Motto.

Bobcat Badge
(required to be earned first)

Tiger Badge

Tiger Electives

Wolf Badge

Wolf Electives

Bear Badge

Bear Electives
Whittling Chip Card

Webelos Badge

Arrow of Light
Activity Badges

Academics and Sports Program
(belt loops and pins)

The Cub Scouts Academics and Sports Program is one method of addressing the third aim of Scouting: the development of physical, mental and emotional fitness. Fitness includes the body (well-tuned and healthy), the mind (able to think and solve problems), and the emotions (self-control, courage, and self-respect). As in most activities in Cub Scouting, this is not meant to be a highly competitive program, instead, the boys are encouraged to DO THEIR BEST.

The Academic and Sports Program is an optional program for all Cub Scouts. It is not part of the normal requirements towards ranks, except where used in obtaining various Webelos activity badges and Wolf Elective 20 (Sports). Its purpose is to assist the Scouts in learning a new skill, or improving one they already posses.

A variety of recognition items are available for the boys (Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, or Webelos Scouts) who participate in the program. (Adults are NOT awarded with belt loops or pins.)

The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program is a supplemental enrichment program that complements the existing Cub Scout program. The Academics subjects and, Sports activities allow boys to learn new techniques, increase scholarship skills, develop sportsmanship - and have fun. Boys participating in the program will be recognized for enjoying teamwork, developing physical fitness, and discovering and building new talents. The Academics and Sports program encourages a boy to do his best.

Special Opportunities for Cub Scouts

There are a number of special awards a Cub Scout can earn, in addition to the various rank badges, electives and belt loops.  Many of these awards can be earned on their own and some require participation in district events or are normally done at the Pack or Den level.  Talk to your den leader about these awards and other awards that may be available.

Cub Scout Pack 350 is located in Haskins, Ohio and chartered by St. Paul Lutheran Church.
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